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How to Save on International Shipping?

As you know we have a flat rate international shipping that is $15. How to save on shipping? If you decide to order leggings from our website ( get together with your friends and place your order together. No matter how big the order is the rate will be the same $15. If you get together with 3 friends each of you will pay $5. One person can place an order and pay the total and you can split the shipping amount among all of you. The more friends you get the cheaper the shipping will be for you! Use this tip to save on shipping and order leggings today! 

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Nowadays leggings are replacing a lot of items in your wardrobe. Do you always ask yourself when it is good time to wear them? Here are the main occasions you can enjoy your comfy leggings.  1. You can use leggings as casual wear be be comfy (with a tunic/long sweater and flats/boots). In this case make sure to wear them with a long top because they are not meant to be pants. You can wear them out as a fashion garment to create a more dressy look (pleather leggings, shiny leggings, leggings with a fancy print). 2. Leggings are excellent during excersizing to protect you from chafing and to give you snug fit and the most comfort for moving (yoga, pilates,...

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