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CELEBRITY LEGGINGS is an online women's leggings store. We specialize only in leggings and know all the trends and the best quality. Our company is called Celebrity Leggings because we want you to feel like a celebrity when your wear our leggings. 

Our Spring/Summer Collection is represented by microfiber leggings that are light and keep you cool. Our Fall/Winter Collection has fleece lined leggings and sweater leggings that keep you warm.


Have you always wanted to find a pair of leggings that are not see-through, comfortable (don't slide down, don't hang on the knees), wash well, have a fun print to express your personality and at the same time at a reasonable price? Congratulations! You have found them!

The microfiber fabric that the leggings are made of is not see-through and very soft. A lot of customers call them "butter soft". That's how soft they are. They wash well without fading, shrinking and peeling. Shop our big selection of prints for any occasion today! The price is very reasonable for combining all these factors. We do not sell the cheapest leggings because we care about the quality and we do not sell very expensive leggings because we want more people to enjoy them! And who doesn't want to feel like a celebrity?

Our leggings are universal, they are not just athletic that allows you to wear them with different styles.

The Best and Most Unique Gift ever!

When can you wear them?

-as casual wear (with a tunic/sweater and flats/boots);

-for excersizing (yoga, marathon, under your ski pants for skiing or snowboarding and other sports);

-you can wear them out creating a more dressy look;

-for lounging in the house;

-for different holidays (themed leggings for July 4th, Halloween, games, Christmas etc).

Our leggings have 2 sizes to make it convenient for buying especially as a gift. ONE SIZE FITS MOST fits sizes 1 to 10. No worries if you gain a couple of pounds after the holidays. QUEEN SIZE fits sizes 12 and up ( up to size 18/20). The preference of a size depends on individual comfort. 

Our company has retail locations in Boston area, Massachusetts operating since 2012. We are located in the heart of Boston at Faneuil Hall Marketplace at the north wing. Our online store is an addition to our business due to frequent demand from repeat customers from out of state. 

Save a trip to Boston and shop your favorite leggings online now!

Regarding any questions you can email us at info@celebrity-leggings.com

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