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Posted on April 10 2015

 Leggings Manual


Since 1960s Leggings refer to some type of leg coverings.They have actually been actually conformed, upgraded, and also enhanced in to a wardrobe staple and are actually still changing. They come in different styles, different colors and prints coming from period to time, however you can always use timeless black leggings each year and won't go wrong.

Women wore, wear and probably will always wear leggings because leggings are one of the most comfy things you can ever put on!

However,sometimes they are being criticized by some people. Usually it is in regards to exactly how to wear leggings and also what to match with them. Nowadays leggings are a much-loved fashion item for spring season, winter months, summer, as well as fall.

When you buy leggings make sure they are made of quality fabric that is not too thin and not translucent. There's nothing worse than see-through leggings.

Celebrity Leggings are made of buttery soft fabric called microfiber that is think enough not to be see-though and they fit extremely well due to their high wast and abolity to stretch to fit your body shape.

They are also extremely versatile and can be worn for work, a classy evening out, or even for a laid-back weekend along with a long cozy cardigan or tunic. Top quality leggings could help you create different looks during the week and make your life easier at numerous events throughout the year.


1. Choose well-fitting leggings
2. Golden rule to wearing leggings: match printed leggings with a solid top!
3. Match Solid leggings either with a printed or with a solid top
4. Keep it classy, not sexy
5. Pair leggings with long tops, tunics, sweaters, cardigans
6. Wear leggings outside, to the gym, yoga, festivals, holidays , etc.
7. If you are aiming to create a sports look wear leggings with sports shoes and sports top like our Yoga Waist Leggings
8. If you are aiming to create a classy look pair leggings with a dressy top.
9. Create layers with leggings. Especially in the fall and winter!

10. Get new prints for different seasons like Nordic Leggings for winter

There are some suggestions oh how not to wear leggings but it is up to you to decide.

11. DON'T wear loose or deformed leggings.
12. DON'T wear tights as leggings. Tights are meant to be worn under a dress.
14. DON'T wear old worn leggings
15. DON'T forget to wear a long top with leggings .
16. DON'T wear see-through leggings.
17. DON'T mix styles, dressy top and leggings with sports sneakers. Or heels with leggings and a sports top.

Above all is the comfort that you should look for when wearing leggings.

Celebrity Leggings can bring you both comfort and style with the variety of our prints for any season so you can create cute leggings outfits!

Leggings and Tunics

Check our women's tunics to wear with leggings here.

Leggings and Cardigans

Pair your favorite printed Celebrity Leggings with a cozy cardigan,boots and a hat. Check the hat here.

Leggings and A Denim Jacket

Leggings and Sweater Dresses


Leggings and a white shirt.

It goes perfect with a nice belt and some flats or shoes.

leggings and a white shirt

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