Leggings vs Tights


Posted on September 22 2019

Every woman in the world probably has a pair of leggings in her wardrobe. Yet, not everyone knows the difference between leggings and tights.
Tights vs Leggings: They may seem similar, but leggings and tights are not quite the same. Leggings are a casual piece of a wardrobe that is footless and can be worn alone (sports leggings like Nike leggings) or under a dress or with a women's tunic, cardigan or long sweater or you can wear leggings with skirts. They are perfect lounge wear for the weekends or doing errands. For the winter they can be fleece lined leggings.
As for tights, they are usually footed (comparing to having your foot open). The biggest difference between tights and leggings is that tights are only meant to be worn under a dress or a tunic, not alone for doing sports or casual wear and they are footed whereas leggings are footless. Their main purpose is to have your legs covered when the weather gets colder.


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