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Posted on July 14 2019

Our company was formed in October 2012. The very first pushcart was opened in November 2012 in Burlington Mall, MA. It was a very successful Christmas season when no stores had printed leggings yet and we had a variety of prints and textures: from microfiber and leather to knit and fleece. It was the very first leggings pushcart in the state!

Our second location was opened in South Shore Mall, MA in January 2013 making that winter season super hot with Nordic fleece and knit leggings. Everyone was obsessed with the new trend.

Our third location was opened in CambridgeSide Galleria in June 2014 where tourists from all over the world discovered Celebrity Leggings!

The fourth location was opened in September 2014 In Natick Mall, MA offering the best and the most unique Christmas gift for the customers!

Our fifth location was opened in Rockingham Mall, NH in November 2015 spreading the trend to New Hampshire and making people's winter warmer with our leggings.

Our last location was opened in the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston in April 2016 that opened doors for international love. That same year we launched our website ( )so that our customers - tourists from all over the world could enjoy wearing our ultra soft microfiber fashion leggings!

Until this day we get orders from Europe and Asia. Our hearts are filled with happiness knowing that people enjoy wearing Celebrity Leggings domestically and even in such remote places from US as Singapore, Australia, Israel, Russia, Brazil.

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